Know everything about your crop fields to achieve maximum yield at low cost

We give you a full service for monitoring your fields.
We regularly create and analyse images from drones to generate maps that can help you to increase your crop yield and reduce your costs at the same time. You will get accurate information about appearing weeds, pests and diseases, so you can react in time to stop them.

What you get
- Alerts about weeds, pests and diseases
- Mapping damages by weather and animals
- Plant health measurement
- Water quality assessment
- Vegetation index calculation
- Plant counting
- Full spectral sensing 
How we do it
- We fly the drones regularly above your fields
- We store and analyze images and other sensor data
- We give you detailed maps and reports
- We can provide expert advise based on the data
Your benefits
- Fast and accurate reaction to problems
- Save time
- Reduced costs
- Higher yield
- Lower environmental impact

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